Playing with Gimp

So I am a terrible blogger in that I never blog. I generally feel like I say everything I need to say in novels. And while I am not shy, I am introverted. I get tired of “talking” on social media.

At any rate, I have some pictures to share! I downloaded Gimp at the beginning of December and I have been obsessed with it ever since. It’s similar to Photoshop (so I’m told) and is absolutely free. I spent a lot of last Fall fooling around with Lunapic, an on-line image manipulating/creating package, but it’s NOTHING to Gimp.

On the downside the ability to fool around with it has taught me that I can create a lot of cool things that other people will not like (I really have no artistic eye) and is not necessarily good for cover art. On the upside, I have this great little blog where I can share all the stuff I can’t use. Yay great little blog!

Today there’s this. For anybody who has not read Running Wild (and why not? It’s a great book!), the villain of the book is a stalker who regularly sends the heroine creepy letters. On the outside of each envelope he draws a black rose. I was thinking that a black rose would be a really cool chapter header, now that I have Vellum and it allows me to do that. Today I downloaded a rose from Pixabay, moved it over to Lunapic because it has the effect I wanted (I’m sure there’s a Gimp alternative, but it’ll take some time and I didn’t want to do that right now), and then inverted the image on Gimp. Here it is.

charcoal rose


It’s not clear enough to put in the chapter headings, though, so I’ll have some work to do before I use it. If I use it. But I do love the image!


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