Monday musings–Decorating in my books, Rereading The Wild One–and an apology

living-room-581073_1280So, I reread The Wild One this weekend. Before I asked Kensington for my rights back, I downloaded both it and Wicked Woman on my kindle. I discovered that when the book was e-published, they left out scene breaks in The Wild One. I believe–I’m not certain–that they left out a few on Wicked Woman, but all of them are left out of The Wild One. I apologize for that. I didn’t know or I’d have said something. Not sure they would have changed it, but I could have tried. That will be corrected, of course, when I get the new book up under the original title, Wild Card. It will take several months.

I loved reading the story! It’s strange to discover, now that it’s been almost 10 years away from either book being published, how much I really loved these books. Granted, I’ve spent weeks working on Wicked Woman, now Wicked Widow, making changes, but not to character, plot or even much dialogue, because I love all of that.

Today I’m working on last little things. Making sure that the revisions I did in terms of room decorating is consistent. That’s a thing with me. I love “decorating” the rooms, but it’s not a huge deal. I’m more interested in what characters are saying to each other. Sometimes so much so that a room looks one way in chapter 3 and then in 13 I’ve forgotten and I’m so excited with what I’m writing then, that I just throw in some quick description instead of going back to find what I originally wrote. That’s something I really need to work on before I start writing. The thing is,

That’s something I really need to work on before I start writing. The thing is, though, what I think it should look like in one chapter might change later because suddenly I need a different atmosphere and that is more important than it was in the earlier chapter. So in some ways, it’s always going to be a problem. But you do what you do, right?


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