Monday’s Musing on Wednesday

lion-2449282_640I’m a very tired writer. I did a talk a couple weeks ago right after I finished my historical romance website. Then I went on vacation, Staycation really. Home most of the time although we did go for a night to Vermont (where I stayed at an old, Victorian-era hotel) and a night in Gloucester, MA. Pictures on all of that later. Or you can check some of them out at instagram.

But for all that, I hate not posting at least an occasional blog post. So. Right now I’m working at formatting books to make them prettier and more cohesive across all platforms. That requires a lot of organization, something that does not come to me naturally. At all. I am determined, however!

I’m also working on getting Wicked Widow (formerly Wicked Woman–I got my rights back and I’m going back to my original title) jazzed up a little bit, then formatted and a new pretty cover. After that, I’ll work on Wild Card (formerly the Wild One) and I really want a new cover for Shadows of the Soul.

While doing all of this, I realized these books are only currently available on Amazon. I don’t know how that happened. I thought they were at least at B&N but I guess now. Which makes me wonder if I should do Kindle Unlimited? That doesn’t matter as much, I think, to readers, but it’s something I have to debate–ie: agonize over.

I figure this will all take me about 2 weeks. Possibly 3 to get print books out.

In the meantime, here’s a picture I chose for Wicked Widow.

Ward and Morgan for BlogWhat do you think? Obviously the sword will have to go, but I really like the rest. The red hair works for Morgan (although her hair is more brown with red highlights) and the man I supposed looks a little like Ward. More important, it’s who Ward would like to look like.


About Denise Eagan

D. L. Eagan is an award-winning, amazon bestselling historical romance author under the name Denise Eagan. Additionally her books have finaled in contests like Romantic Time's American Title and Romance Writers of America's prestigious Golden Heart. She branched into the dystopian genre after developing an obsession with The Hunger Games. A life-long science fiction fan, she decided to explore the genre with an adult female protagonist and a dash of romance. Her years of fascination with plagues, Myers-Briggs testing and sociopathy became the foundation of The Temple. When not reading or writing, she's messing with internet metrics by googling random things or playing SIMS with her characters.
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