Monday’s Musing on Wednesday

lion-2449282_640I’m a very tired writer. I did a talk a couple weeks ago right after I finished my historical romance website. Then I went on vacation, Staycation really. Home most of the time although we did go for a night to Vermont (where I stayed at an old, Victorian-era hotel) and a night in Gloucester, MA. Pictures on all of that later. Or you can check some of them out at instagram.

But for all that, I hate not posting at least an occasional blog post. So. Right now I’m working at formatting books to make them prettier and more cohesive across all platforms. That requires a lot of organization, something that does not come to me naturally. At all. I am determined, however!

I’m also working on getting Wicked Widow (formerly Wicked Woman–I got my rights back and I’m going back to my original title) jazzed up a little bit, then formatted and a new pretty cover. After that, I’ll work on Wild Card (formerly the Wild One) and I really want a new cover for Shadows of the Soul.

While doing all of this, I realized these books are only currently available on Amazon. I don’t know how that happened. I thought they were at least at B&N but I guess now. Which makes me wonder if I should do Kindle Unlimited? That doesn’t matter as much, I think, to readers, but it’s something I have to debate–ie: agonize over.

I figure this will all take me about 2 weeks. Possibly 3 to get print books out.

In the meantime, here’s a picture I chose for Wicked Widow.

Ward and Morgan for BlogWhat do you think? Obviously the sword will have to go, but I really like the rest. The red hair works for Morgan (although her hair is more brown with red highlights) and the man I supposed looks a little like Ward. More important, it’s who Ward would like to look like.

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