Monday Musings, trying to create a website

Look I found coffee on canvaSo I’m working at website creating. The thing that I can’t seem to find easily is buy buttons for my books. Apparently, if I want a button with the pretty logo in it, I have to make it. Today, you get to see my attempts. Aren’t you excited? You might want to run and hide right now.

All right, so first thing I gotta to is create the image. I’m doing that with Canva. So I took the Kobo logo from images. I didn’t figure they’d start to yell at me for stealing their trademark if I’m use it to create a buy button. Then I put the image in canva and here it is. Let’s see how it looks. Untitled design-28

It’s kinda small. And it doesn’t have a border. And it’s blurry. But it’s a good first try. Now, dinner, and then I’ll come back to this.

Here’s the next try 500 x 100Untitled design-29

So I googled kobo and buttons and found buttons somebody else created. But I don’t like stealing so I just took the size dimensions. 300 x 100


All right, that’s still too big. And I definitely need the lines around it. Hmmm. Let me see. I think I’ll make it half the size and put a black frame.

All right, let’s see how this looks. Hey, I can save this.

So, the size looks right. 150 & 100.  Don’t know why the bottom frame didn’t show up.

The frame thing is weird. I wonder why that’s happening. I got some curves in this one though.


All right, so on canva I increased the design box to 152 and 52. Then I made the button inside the box a tiny bit smaller, hoping that the bottom part of the frame would fit. 1

And there’s my button. I don’t have any romances on Kobo right now, but I do Amazon. So let me make an Amazon button for, say, The Wild Half and see how I can add a link to the photo afterward, which is what will make it a “button.”


Now, I’ll publish this and then see what I can find on adding links to images. All right, I think I got it. I click on the picture, hit the link icon on the tool bar and add the new link. Let’s see if that works. Damn. That didn’t work. Grrrr. . . Okay, maybe I have to preview and see if it works that way. Right now it just keeps asking if I want to edit when I click on it. . .And it worked!

Okay. So if you’re read this far you’re probably trying to figure out how I did this. I went to canva. I created a new project with custom dimensions of 152 and 50. That way I could make the actual part of the button (that shows up on the page) a little smaller. I used the slightly curved (not very curved) open frame to frame the whole button. Then I used the lightly curved colored in frame to fit on the right. I downloaded the logo and added it to the white side, then used the color to fill in the box on the right. I added text, 10, and made it white. And that’s it! I have buttons.

Gonna go make Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and Ibooks now.




About Denise Eagan

D. L. Eagan is an award-winning, amazon bestselling historical romance author under the name Denise Eagan. Additionally her books have finaled in contests like Romantic Time's American Title and Romance Writers of America's prestigious Golden Heart. She branched into the dystopian genre after developing an obsession with The Hunger Games. A life-long science fiction fan, she decided to explore the genre with an adult female protagonist and a dash of romance. Her years of fascination with plagues, Myers-Briggs testing and sociopathy became the foundation of The Temple. When not reading or writing, she's messing with internet metrics by googling random things or playing SIMS with her characters.
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