Monday Musings, trying to create a website

Look I found coffee on canvaSo I’m working at website creating. The thing that I can’t seem to find easily is buy buttons for my books. Apparently, if I want a button with the pretty logo in it, I have to make it. Today, you get to see my attempts. Aren’t you excited? You might want to run and hide right now.

All right, so first thing I gotta to is create the image. I’m doing that with Canva. So I took the Kobo logo from images. I didn’t figure they’d start to yell at me for stealing their trademark if I’m use it to create a buy button. Then I put the image in canva and here it is. Let’s see how it looks. Untitled design-28

It’s kinda small. And it doesn’t have a border. And it’s blurry. But it’s a good first try. Now, dinner, and then I’ll come back to this.

Here’s the next try 500 x 100Untitled design-29

So I googled kobo and buttons and found buttons somebody else created. But I don’t like stealing so I just took the size dimensions. 300 x 100


All right, that’s still too big. And I definitely need the lines around it. Hmmm. Let me see. I think I’ll make it half the size and put a black frame.

All right, let’s see how this looks. Hey, I can save this.

So, the size looks right. 150 & 100.  Don’t know why the bottom frame didn’t show up.

The frame thing is weird. I wonder why that’s happening. I got some curves in this one though.


All right, so on canva I increased the design box to 152 and 52. Then I made the button inside the box a tiny bit smaller, hoping that the bottom part of the frame would fit. 1

And there’s my button. I don’t have any romances on Kobo right now, but I do Amazon. So let me make an Amazon button for, say, The Wild Half and see how I can add a link to the photo afterward, which is what will make it a “button.”


Now, I’ll publish this and then see what I can find on adding links to images. All right, I think I got it. I click on the picture, hit the link icon on the tool bar and add the new link. Let’s see if that works. Damn. That didn’t work. Grrrr. . . Okay, maybe I have to preview and see if it works that way. Right now it just keeps asking if I want to edit when I click on it. . .And it worked!

Okay. So if you’re read this far you’re probably trying to figure out how I did this. I went to canva. I created a new project with custom dimensions of 152 and 50. That way I could make the actual part of the button (that shows up on the page) a little smaller. I used the slightly curved (not very curved) open frame to frame the whole button. Then I used the lightly curved colored in frame to fit on the right. I downloaded the logo and added it to the white side, then used the color to fill in the box on the right. I added text, 10, and made it white. And that’s it! I have buttons.

Gonna go make Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and Ibooks now.



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