The Liars, not really victorian. At all.

I’m tired. But I finished my dystopian book that I started in March in a fit of insanity. It is now up on Amazon. I’ll put it up on other platforms within the next couple of weeks.

Did I mention I’m tired?

First thing, probably should post the blurb.  And mention that even though it’s not Victorian, or a romance, it does have romantic elements. And I do believe that my years creating the Victorian world for readers has helped me enormously creating this dystopian world.

Freedom is the first lie.

274 years have passed since hatred, greed and corruption created the plagues that took down civilization.  Out of the chaos comes a new religion, Reyism, and an ideal government, the Temple.  The Temple generously provides all citizens with daily injections of life-saving serum, and an ideal test to assign them to their ideal jobs. They have achieved utopia, or so the Prophet preaches.

It’s a lie.

Neri Symmes’ survival depends upon lies. She must lie to stay alive. She must lie to keep her sanity, because anyone who challenges the benevolence of the Temple, or her husband, the Prophet, risks savage punishment and execution. Then Neri discovers that two friends, one of them an old flame, are embroiled in a desperate scheme against the Temple. Joining them might mean true freedom, but it also means deceiving her sadistic husband, who has all the power–and all the serum–on his side.

And pretty pretty liars

here’s the link

So basically what happened was I got very caught up in reading Hunger Games. If you’ve looked at the rest of my blog at all, you will see that. And then I got caught up in wanting to read more books like that, but I couldn’t find any that really hit me hard. So the part of my imagination that I seem to have no control over started posing that What If question that starts pretty much every story.

What if the protagonist of the Evil Authoritarian Dystopian Government is part of that government?

Or, what if she was the sister, daughter, wife of the leader of that Evil Authoritarian Dystopian government? Basically, what if the protagonist is Eva Braun (Hitler’s mistress)?

Well. . . kind of couldn’t see Braun taking down Hitler, especially since she was at his side when he died.  And no matter how I worked it in my mind, I couldn’t see how she could be sympathetic, so I had to work around that.

Also, didn’t really want to do Hitler. Lots of reasons, but mostly because I think he was nuts. And he had reasons, horrible and terrible though they were, for what he did. I wanted a straight-up sociopath. So, that’s what I did.

Then I had to create a government. An evil government. And what hit me first and hardest was an evil religious government, but not a religion that currently exists. This idea scared me, and that’s when I went for a long drive. And sent many WTF? emails to my critique partners.

And then, even though I thought I lost my mind, I wrote the book, because what else could I really do? And since I’d already gone down the rabbit hole, I took pretty much everything that fascinates me and put it in the book. There’s a Meyers-briggs type test. There’s the sociopath. There are plagues. There’s a love triangle, pretty clothes and the heroine, Neri, looks like she’s living the high life to everybody else, but she is so not.

So. There’s the story behind the story.

Give it a try. I love the story and heartily recommend it. Or I would heartily recommend it, if I weren’t so tired. I mostly just recommend it.

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