sherlock[1]I love this show, the one with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. My son convinced me to try watching it about a year ago. Since then I think I’ve watched every episode at least 5 times. When I love shows, I tend to do that. I am actually embarrassed to discuss how many times I’ve watched The Hunger Games and Catching Fire.


MAIN-Sherlock-Holmes[1]But back to Sherlock. . .they’ve started filming season/series four. It looks like the first episode is a special Christmas show, and the actors are dressed in Victorian costume. Not sure how I feel about that. Obviously the original Sherlock was Victorian–late 19th century. I expect the characters will be the same as they are in modern terms, only without cellphones and such. But Benedict is missing his beautiful curly locks. One of my favorite scenes of his was when he was frustrated and he kind of ruffles his hair.  Not this one, but it’s close enough.

From what I’ve read he isn’t really a fan of the long hair–he think it makes him look feminine–so I can see why he does it so often.

At any rate. . .this next episode airs at the end of 2015.  Been a long time waiting! The scuttlebutt about series 4 is that it’s going to be “devastating” and lots of people have speculated on what that means. Most believe that Mary will die, as she does in the original books. I’m not so sure. It may be that, but we’re also told it’s going to be shocking. Mary dying would be shocking. Other have said perhaps Mrs. Hudson. That would be tragic for certain.

I wonder, though if maybe Molly will be the victim. She wasn’t supposed to be in the show originally for more than an episode, but then her character just kind of took off. I’m not sure if they meant in terms of writing, or if they re-wrote because the actress just make the Molly character come alive so well. Not that I’m rooting for that. I’m rooting for them all to stay alive.

We know that Sherlock and Watson will survive, obviously. I can’t wait to see where their relationship goes. I’m not one of those who have this odd idea that it’s romantic and they’re secretly gay or anything. But I am fascinated by their friendship as I am by the relationship between Sherlock and his brother. I love, love, love the dialogue between them all and the irritation along with understated affection. Watching Sherlock is not watching a romance (and I don’t believe we’re ever going to see a true romance for Sherlock–I just don’t think he’s truly capable, or interested) but it has so many of the elements of a good romantic relationship that I find myself saying “awwww” just as much. In fact, more so than a lot of actual romantic comedies. Sherlock’s speech at John’s wedding was just so incredibly sweet.

So cheers everybody. And for the only bit of true romance we’re going to get, here’s that famous kiss scene, which is not real even in the show, but so, so wonderful anyway. And oh man, do I ever love his coat!

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