50 Shades of Grey and the line between Stalking and Pursuit

I got involved today in a discussion of this book on a friend’s facebook page. I’m off and running this morning, but just wanted to throw it out there that I think this is a worthwhile subject to debate (and probably will have my own debate with myself here in the next couple of days). While I understand Christian’s tortured-hero complex, and have some idea of why he behaves the way he does, I still cringe at some of the things he does in the beginning of the book. I honestly believe he crosses the line between stalker and pursuer. It’s a little worrisome because I wonder what message we’re giving to men if we don’t point this out, at the same time that we should point out that loving certain stories doesn’t mean we want to live them.

That said, I readily admit that some of the heroes in my books cross lines between stalker and pursuit, and sometimes toe the edge of abuse. I expect I will continue to write that way because that “toeing the edge” fascinates me. That doesn’t mean I believe men should act that way, though.

So. . .if you feel inclined to comment and debate (and feel free to make up an anonymous name) did you feel that Christian Grey crossed the line? At what point? And if you want, do you think my characters cross the line? At what point? If you don’t feel inclined–come back and visit. You can read me arguing with myself!

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