Snow, snow and more snow. A true snow job

I haven’t been posting because 1) I was writing. 15k words in two days last week. Figured anybody reading this will be glad to hear that. Also 2) snow. Lots of it. More snow. And it’s still snowing. Last I looked, Boston had something like 55 inches in a month. The kids have been out of school for 6 days, I think.

wpid-20150207_130219.jpgWe, in my town, got about 10 inches more during the blizzard, so it’s safe to say we’re over 5 feet of snow in 4 weeks. When I heard this latest storm was on the way, I had to go out and cut down the snowbanks by the side of the driveway to make room for more snow. I think I cut away probably 2-3 feet of snow. It took all day. The next day was shoveling. As was today. It’s almost full again. And the snow just keeps on falling.

wpid-20150207_110258.jpgSo very little time for writing or anything else. Except, hey, some pictures. This is my husband cleaning off the roof and chipping away ice dams. When the snow on the roof melts, it often freezes. After awhile the ice builds up, creating a dam that stops more water from melted snow from escaping. So it sits there and then slowly seeps into the house, down the walls, through the ceilings. Not fun.

wpid-20150209_084305.jpgAnd here’s the latest, with the snow now trying to climb over the fence.



About Denise Eagan

D. L. Eagan is an award-winning, amazon bestselling historical romance author under the name Denise Eagan. Additionally her books have finaled in contests like Romantic Time's American Title and Romance Writers of America's prestigious Golden Heart. She branched into the dystopian genre after developing an obsession with The Hunger Games. A life-long science fiction fan, she decided to explore the genre with an adult female protagonist and a dash of romance. Her years of fascination with plagues, Myers-Briggs testing and sociopathy became the foundation of The Temple. When not reading or writing, she's messing with internet metrics by googling random things or playing SIMS with her characters.
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