Shadows of the Soul–it’s up, it’s up!!!

I am so excited. I pressed “publish” last night, and the book is up on Amazon. Such a joy to have it done! Today it’s off to celebrate with a friend, and next week I start work on Spirited. I hope to create a new series, which I’ll call The Philadelphians, with that book. Naturally the series will interconnect at some point, because I just can’t resist having my characters meet each other. But for now, it will be a stand alone book.

First, though, I hope everybody enjoys Shadows. Luke is a very tortured hero with a wonderful, rejuvenating character arc. And Beth is the only one who can help him with that, a “meant to be” couple if ever there was one.  Oh, and there’s a serial killer too (have I ever mentioned by addiction to crime dramas?).  In Iowa. In 1871. Of course, I don’t call him a serial killer, but that’s what he is.




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