Shadows of the Soul–it’s up, it’s up!!!

I am so excited. I pressed “publish” last night, and the book is up on Amazon. Such a joy to have it done! Today it’s off to celebrate with a friend, and next week I start work on Spirited. I hope to create a new series, which I’ll call The Philadelphians, with that book. Naturally the series will interconnect at some point, because I just can’t resist having my characters meet each other. But for now, it will be a stand alone book.

First, though, I hope everybody enjoys Shadows. Luke is a very tortured hero with a wonderful, rejuvenating character arc. And Beth is the only one who can help him with that, a “meant to be” couple if ever there was one.  Oh, and there’s a serial killer too (have I ever mentioned by addiction to crime dramas?).  In Iowa. In 1871. Of course, I don’t call him a serial killer, but that’s what he is.





About Denise Eagan

D. L. Eagan is an award-winning, amazon bestselling historical romance author under the name Denise Eagan. Additionally her books have finaled in contests like Romantic Time's American Title and Romance Writers of America's prestigious Golden Heart. She branched into the dystopian genre after developing an obsession with The Hunger Games. A life-long science fiction fan, she decided to explore the genre with an adult female protagonist and a dash of romance. Her years of fascination with plagues, Myers-Briggs testing and sociopathy became the foundation of The Temple. When not reading or writing, she's messing with internet metrics by googling random things or playing SIMS with her characters.
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