Updating. . .

So my last blog post in March said I am working on three new books for release by the end of the year. It is true. However, by the end of the year looks iffy. My son was home for the summer before going off to Wisconsin, which is a good 8 hours travel time from where we live, if you add in getting to and from the airport. I truly believed I could get a lot of work done over the summer, and spend plenty of time with him. I was very, very wrong. In the end I opted for time with him, because I have the rest of my life to write, but this summer was the last one I ever expect to have him living at home, with us. Far, far to precious to forfeit.

He is gone now, however, and although I’m very sad about his move and miss him terribly, I finally have time to work. I’m slogging through Shadows of the Soul. I shouldn’t say slogging, I know. I should be all peppy and bursting with glee, but every writer gets to a point in the manuscript where it is slogging. That said, I am loving Luke more and more, even if I have to rewrite sentences five times, and then delete them altogether, in the middle of all the love.

I haven’t got a blurb yet for the book, nor a cover. I would love to do both, but currently I’m holding those up as carrots for myself–or chocolate chip cookie dough–as I work through the most tedious parts of revisions. I do have some things I can share–character names: Hero Luke Devlin, heroine Beth (also Lizzy and Bethany, family pet names) Hartwell. Setting: Iowa 1871. Yes, I know, not exactly a wildly romantic setting, is it? But there’s a reason for that, namely to answer the question “What happens when a serial killer attacks women in a small town in Iowa?” And finally, the cover blurb “What do you do when you discover your imaginary friend is real?” or something along those lines. I think I mentioned this one, and the next two books, have paranormal elements.

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