Back from “Sabbatical”

It wasn’t actually a sabbatical in the “resting” sense. My mother has Alzheimer’s and in July we learned that my stepfather’s cancer had spread to his bones. He died on February 1st. It was a long, hard fall and winter, watching him decline during the many, many trips back and forth to hospitals, rehab centers, nursing homes, and then finally hospice. As much as I wish I could have fit writing in during that time, there was no way. My mother needed me to put her first, and there’s really no way you can put off an anxious and agitated Alzheimer’s patient–the concept of time is lost.

Anyway, she is now in a good assisted living facility much closer to where I live. Visits are easier, and I am hoping that she will eventually settle well. I am now able to put some focus on writing, which is good because over the last couple of weeks characters and plots have, literally, come to me in my dreams. Whether or not I’ll ever write them depends upon the ability to flesh them out, but they’ve been wonderful dreams all the same!

I have three books planned to finish by the end of the year, assuming no more crises. One of them is currently completely stand alone (Shadows of the Soul). I say currently because I get attached to characters and like them to visit my other characters in later books. The other two are very closely connected books–the sister in one is the heroine in the next, (Spirited and The Seventh Son–working title). The plotting on the last two is proving challenging (aka-fun!!!) and requires more detail than I usually need to get a book moving. The good news, though, Shadows of the Soul was completed–and then finished again and again and again–several years back. I’ve already written 2/3 of the first draft of Spirited, and have–word count-wise–half of The Seventh Son written. My goals seem very possible.

As for what the books are about, all three are American historical. This time, though, I’m wiggling my toe in paranormal waters as well. Nothing too drastic; I’m not a shapeshifter/vampire writer. We’ll call it paranormal twinkles instead.

I do apologize for the delay. I think I’ve said I’d have them out sooner, and I wish I could have. It will still take a few months to get even one out, since every aspect of my life was on hold. There’s a lot of things that need attention, like fixing the flooded basement-also from July, and losing the weight stress-related eating put on. Writing, however, comes first. In the meantime, here is a youtube video of one of the songs from The Seventh Son’s playlist. This song was introduced to me by my niece and the lyrics are so beautifully bittersweet and describes the push and pull the characters feel in this book. I also used it for The Wild Half. Clarity by Zedd

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