Running Wild is up and running

On kindle at least.  And now, I am taking many much-needed deep breaths.  Sometime in the next 2-3 weeks I’ll get it up on B&N and a whole host of other sites.  Just as soon a I learn how to do that!

Here’s the blurb and the tag lines:

Difficult to catch. . .
Following the tragic, violent death of her best friend, Boston aristocrat Star Montgomery has pledged her life to fighting for women’s rights. Because one cannot fight male supremacy when one is legally bound to obey one of the supreme, she’s also vowed never to marry. Yet, with the hot Montgomery blood flowing through her veins, she sees no reason she oughtn’t to experience the more sensual aspects of the marriage bed. Six irritatingly uncooperative fiancés—and one creepy secret admirer later—she and her family journey to Colorado, where she meets rugged rancher Nick McGraw. Handsome, with just a hint of danger, he is the perfect man for her introduction to passion, and she sets about seducing him.
Impossible to tame. . .
Nick, though, has no interest in being Star’s latest plaything. An honorable man does not ruin his friend’s daughter or sister, no matter how seductive she is; a respectable woman’s answer to sexual desire is marriage. Marriage though, between a Boston blue-blood and a rough, uncultured Colorado rancher is out of the question. Still when the Montgomerys invite him to spend the summer with them in posh Newport RI, he can’t resist. There, as he falls in love with Star’s wild spirit, he is tortured by desire. To keep his honor, he can’t stay. But he can’t leave, either, because Star’s secret admirer is no longer just writing letters pleading with her to leave the women’s rights movement. He’s acting—stealthily, possibly murderously. . .


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