Interview and A Rant

First, I’m hanging out at Isabel Roman’s blog today, for anyone interested.  Ms. Isabel is a Sexy Adventure and Romance writer.  Come check her–and me!–out.

Okay, the rant:  I know this is silly but I am very very tired of having everything I do technology-wise require a password.  Yes, I know, a lot of us want to keep our work etc private.  I get that.  I am an extremely private person.  Re:  My first book came out in 2007–I just created this blog a month or so ago.  On the other hand–I don’t need every darned thing I do to be password protected!  Honestly, I am the only one in my house who will use my computer.  Why, oh why does Microsoft demand that I have a password on it?  And the thing is this–I don’t feel like I can use the same password over and over.  Doing that seems like terrible security, so I keep creating new passwords.  Of course this requires me to have a password file which is, as you guessed, password protected.  The file is now thirty-eight pages long! Mind you, there are some things in there that aren’t passwords, but most of it is.  It’s ridiculous.  I have a password, for Heaven’s sake, for my GPS!

The second and final thing–why am I always asked if I’m a robot?  Are there really that many robots out there who are looking for passwords?  Do robots want to be password protected?  Because if they do, they can have mine.  I’m sick of them.

Thus endeth the rant.

Oh, and seriously, it’s a good interview.  As is the one with Caroline Clemmons.  And I understand if you don’t comment.  I expect you don’t want to be asked if you’re a robot either.

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