So I was going to do a post last week, and this week, about playlists for my books. But then my city was bombed, and there was a city-wide manhunt that shut down the surrounding suburbs, and pretty much everything went to hell. Although I don’t live in Boston proper, I did when I was in college, I visit it often, and Wicked Woman was set there, along with parts of Running Wild. I love Boston, and to see that chaos, to consider the hurt people, one of whom is from the town I currently live in, and to see the blood on the streets right near the beautiful Boston Public Library–honestly, I can’t describe the emotion.

At any rate, I’m not posting this week about my books. This week it’s about my city, and pictures I’ve taken over the years that do not include blood and chaos. I don’t want the world to think of my city that way. God knows I don’t want those people affected to think of it that way. So here are the pictures.

IMG_0698  Charles river and I think that’s the Mass Ave bridge, not quite sure.  It runs between Boston and Cambridge.  In Running Wild, Star rows this river with Nick (yes, Nicholas McGraw ends up in Boston. . .and Newport and Saratoga Springs).   Many years ago, my Father used to run the river with a a running group, The River Rats.  He ran several marathons and I have no doubt that had he been in the marathon on the 15th, he’d have run the extra 2 miles to Mass General, without even a moment’s hesitation.

IMG_0699  Just another view of the Charles.

100_1532  A picture of my husband and two sons in Boston Common many years ago.  The common is in the middle of the city, and very pretty.  The public garden is attached and in the spring there are tulips everywhere.  In the summer it’s roses.

100_1526  Sears mansion on Beacon street.  At least that’s what Wikepedia says it’s on.  I thought it was Park Street.  I admit, I get the two mixed up.  Boston is in so many ways a walking man’s city, and often the actual names of the streets isn’t important if you know where you are and where you’re going.

IMG_0703  The building behind the trees is the Charles Street Jail, which has been turned into a hotel, believe it or not.  Behind it, and to the left as well, is Mass General.  In fact, I think there may be a walk way between the hotel and Mass General.  I seem to recall that.  Regardless, I think they did an awesome job fixing up the jail before it became a hotel.  Or should I say “wicked good” job?  I don’t know why we interchange wicked with excellent in this area, but it’s been part of the vocabularly for as far back as I can remember.

IMG_0730 This is a random picture I took of a street that leads up to Beacon Hill, which was were the Brahmins lived, and some still do, I believe.  To the left is Goverment Center.  I worked in that building for a few weeks, as a bank teller.   My character, Ward Montgomery, (Wicked Woman) lives on Beacon Hill in the mid 1800’s, but I’ve never quite narrowed down the exact house, although I sure have tried!

100_1494  The water front.  This is a similar view to what Ward would have had from his office.  I believe we took this somewhere near the Aquarium, but it’s been awhile and exactly where it is, I don’t remember.

100_1496 Another potential view from Ward’s office (aka counting room)

100_1502  Ward’s counting room (fictionally, you understand).  The window on the side is the one Morgan snuck in through at the beginning of the book.

100_1516 Just a random picture I took on a random street in Boston.

100_1522 More of Beacon or Park street.  In fact, this could be the Somerset club–it’s been a while since I took these pictures.  I’m not sure, but I like the house, at any rate.  This borders the common

And that’s it for now.  I’ll try to add more pictures as time goes by, but I just wanted to do something for today.


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