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I am not really one for blogging, at least not about myself. Partly because I’ve got privacy issues, partly because I am, frankly, not interesting enough to write about. I’ve done some blogging at Slip Into Something Victorian from time to time, but that is historical knowledge mostly. I’m creating this one about me and my books, so that any readers who are interested in what’s coming next, if certain characters have stories, etc, have a place they can come.

That said, yes, I am actively–and very happily–writing. I do have new books I’m getting ready to put up first on Kindle, later for the Nook. This whole e-publishing thing is new to me, and there’s a pretty steep learning curve with it. Right now, I’ve got The Wild Half on kindle;please bear with me on that, I know there are typos and will be fixing that shortly. My understanding at amazon is that everbody who’s bought it as is will get the newer version for free. After that’s done I’ll figure out the formatting for the nook.

The Wild Half is Rick and Lilah’s story. If you read The Wild One, you’ll have met these two characters, and there were certain comments they made about thier lives together that were not entirely explained–it would have taken pages and slowed Lee and Jess’s story down. Specifically:

Lilah shifted her focus to her husband. “Rick, she’s been kidnapped.”
“We’re aware of that.”
Lilah closed her eyes as pain settled on her face. Emotion transformed it. Suddenly the Frost Queen was gone, replace by a very beautiful woman. A woman who regarded Rick with a mixture of hurt and deep, deep love. Envy plucked at Lee’s heart.
“You must understand she’s completely in his power,” she said.
Damnation, Lee thought, his heart jerking to a halt. She meant sexually. His stomach turned over at the thought of Jess being seduced by that snake.
Rick answered gently, “She’s in love with him, Lilah.”
No, she’s not! Not anymore!
Lilah swallowed. “That might make it worse.”
“Would it? I’d think it’d be easier. Even -pleasurable.”
Incredibly, tears formed in Lilah’s eyes. A melting glacier. “No, Rick. It would not.”
Rick drew a deep breath, and reached for Lilah’s hand. “I never meant you harm.”
She flinched. “I know that now. But then. . .”
Another breath, and he lifted an arm. “Come here.”
She rose and Rick pulled her into his lap, where the Frost Queen curled into his arms, contrary to all convention and every thought Lee had ever had about the woman. “I’m sorry, love,” Rick crooned softly. “I’m sorry.”

A warning to the readers of The Wild One (and really vice versa)–The Wild Half is not nearly as light and fluffy as The Wild One.  These are dark characters, with dark, tortured lives.  I finished The Wild Half years (and many many times) before The Wild One, and was thrilled when I wrote The Wild One to “learn” (we writers don’t always know–sometimes in the middle of a story, just when we were certain xxxx was happening next, vvvvv comes out) that Lilah and Rick really did have a happily ever after and had remained fast friends with the McGraws over the years.  Visiting with all of them was a pure joy for me as a writer.

The Wild Half is also about Jim and Melinda, but they are less complicated characters and thier romance is entwined with Rick and Lilah’s, so they had to fit into The Wild Half.  Some of the more amusing–at least to me–parts of The Wild One are also explained in The Wild Half:

You see, Jim,” said Melinda, “even Jess would like to wait another day. I can pack us all up and the carriage will travel just as fast with the children as without them.”
“We weren’t taking the carriage.”
“But you’ll need it to carry the clothes I’m going to lend Jess.”
Amusement bubbled up inside Jess. “Melinda, I really don’t need that much.”
“Oh, but you do! It will take days and days.”
“Not,” Jim ground out, “if we travel light.”
“A carriage isn’t that heavy.”
“Mercy, Lee,” Jess said in a low voice, “was she always this stubborn?”
“I don’t know, sweetheart. Last time I was here, she was dead.”

Next up after that–Running Wild with Star and Nick.  And it’s about time, too.  Poor Nick’s waited a long time to meet his match.

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